Dahlgren 2022 MC for Anxiety

Narayan 2022 Review MC Anxiety


Bawa 2022 Pharmacists Attitudes MC in Aust

Chiu 2022 Aus Cannabis Attitides

Barriers to Use

Erku 2022 Barriers in Australia to MC Use

Cancer Symptoms

Bao 2022 MC Substitutes for Opioids in Cancer

Hardy 2022 CBD for Symptoms in Cancer

Cost Effectiveness

Erku_2021_Cost Effectiveness MMJ Chronic Conditions

Clinical trials

Modaresi 2022 Clinical Trials for MC


Mangoo 2023 MC for Depress

Prescribing and Dosing

Bhjaskar 2021 Consensus Cannabis Dosage

Driving and Impairment

Costales 2023 DUIC Advice Based on Arkell

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Wickens 2022 DUIC for Rec v Medical


Perlat 2022 Safety of Edibles


Hershkovich 2022 MC for FMyalgia


Melinyshyn 2022 MC for Headache

Nicholas 2023 MC for Headaches


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Inflammatory Bowel

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Bao 2022 MC Substituties for Opioids in Cancer

DeAquino 2022 Review of MC for Withdrawal Opioids

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Cano 2022 Review US Overdose Mortality


bmj_chronic pain guidelines_2021Greis 2021 MMJ for Pain

Takakuwa 2021 Reduction in opioids for pain

Parkinson’s Disease

MedicalMarijuanaand Parkinsons_03.04.22_MJF Foundation


Lo 2023 Pregnancy Review

Real World Evidence

Sakal 2021 Evidence Base T21 MMJ-0001

Schlag 2022 MC Real World Evidence


MacCallum 2021 MMJ Indications Review

MacCallum 2021 MMJ Cannabis Safety Considerations

Vickery 2022 Australia MC Safety & Benefits

Perlat 2022 Safety of Edibles


TervoClemmens 2023 Cannabis & Sleep

Tervo-Clemmens MC for Sleep Quality


surgery guidance cannabis screening


Najman 2023 Cannabis Tobacco

Tourett’s Symdrome

Barchel 2022 MC for Tourettes



    A primer to medicinal cannabis
    Click the title above to download a free copy.
    This excellent  publication from Bedrocan International discusses the therapeutic use of cannabis – not pot, marijuana, grass, or dope for recreational use to get ‘high’. It focuses strictly on medicinal cannabis and aims to give health care professionals, regulators and patients insights into the medical and scientific aspects of Cannabis sativa L. and how this plant fits in the chain of therapeutic options.
    A clinical primer
    Click the link above to download a free copy.
    This is an excellent guide to the rational use of cannabis-based medicines from Bedrocan International.
    Cannabis-based medicines are increasingly being made available on a global level. It is important that prescribers, pharmacists and nurses are equipped with practical, evidence-based guidance to support decision-making, and to improve communication of the benefits and risks of these medicines with their patients. This clinical primer draws on clinical research, clinical observations, and professional experiences to provide useful, real-world insights to the rational use of cannabis-based medicines.


    To view the session recordings, please register on our Teach-Hub platform ( If you attended UIC 2023, viewing of the recordings if free-of-charge. 



    Saturday 21st May

    Industry Session videos

    1. Past Present Future – Australian industry update
    2. The benefits of seeking and understanding intellectual property rights, with a focus on how strategically timing your IP filings can improve your chances of success in achieving meaningful protection.
    3. Facility design options on infrastructure and equipment, as well as the factors that influence strategic decision making to support economically sustainable business models.
    4. Factors that influence strategic decision making to support economically sustainable business models.
    5. An understanding of the technology and process employed in medicinal cannabis facilities to produce consistent, high quality yields.
    6. Insights into optimum cultivation strategies from leading medical cannabis facilities in Australia.
    7. Regulatory update followed by a Q&A Panel with John Skerrit (TGA) and the ODC.
    8. BEYOND GAcP – the development of GMCCP: this session exploredthe requirements of GMP and GACP in Australian medical cannabis production including quality, consistency, training and documentation.
    9. An overview into the various propagation methods for medicinal cannabis.
    10. Leading biological pest & disease management specialists on best practice integrated pest management (IPM).
    11. Leading labs in Australia review the requirements for analytical (TGO93, TGO100) and stability testing for the medicinal cannabis industry.
    Sunday 22nd May Industry Sessions
    1. Cannabis Markets and Opportunities – an overview of cannabis markets and opportunities for Australian producers.
    2. Cannabis Genetics – the importance of selecting and breeding for optimum cannabis genetics for the Australian industry.
    3. Post Harvest Presentations and Panel – shining a spotlight on the importance of optimum post-harvest processing of medical cannabis for consistent, high quality cannabis production.
    4. Extraction Presentations and Panel.
    5. Product Formulations and Innovation – investigating the diverse variety of medical cannabis formulations and the unique delivery methods available in the medicinal cannabis space now and in the near future.