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Australian Natural Therapeutics Group

Australian Natural Therapeutics Group is a GMP, GACP certified independent producer of exclusive, pharmaceutical-grade medicinal cannabis products for patients worldwide.

ANTG is focused on research and development, partnering with leading scientists and medical institutions to develop cannabinoid medicines that offer safe and effective therapeutic benefits. 

ANTG produces exclusive high-quality cannabinoid based medicinal treatments to meet individual patient needs. It combines a strong research focus with best-in-class cultivation and extraction methods. Led by a board of skilled commercial leaders, the ANTG team includes experienced horticulturists, scientific researchers and medical advisors.

ANTG’s passion for the plant underpins its focus on putting the needs of patients first – and believes it is uniquely positioned to achieve more and be more for the benefit of humanity. 


MiDispensary is an Australian based telehealth clinic, dedicated to helping those in need to access quality plant-based therapy.   

MiDispensary‘s doctors and nurses have a wide experience in health issues and chronic medical problems as well as extensive knowledge of the latest research in the benefits of medicinal cannabis.   

MiDispensary‘s parent company, The Entourage Effect, operates as a secure and reliable dispensary, allowing popular medical cannabis products to be more accessible and affordable for patients.


Beacon Medical Australia

Beacon Medical Australia is a wholly-owned subsidiary of VIVO Cannabis. Indoor, small batch, GMP production facilities produce premium quality, consistent products with strict standards including craft-like conditions, specially curated genetics and NO pesticides. 

Beacon Medical Australia’s mission is to advance patient care with innovative cannabinoid-based therapeutic products, developed to support and fulfil individuals unique health needs.  

HealthCare Cloud

HealthCare Cloud is an expanding Australian company that is dedicated to empowering Medical Practices through the use of Cloud Platform Technology.

HealthCare Cloud delivers a managed service for Medical Practices through an Online and Remotely accessible Workspace designed for Practice Software and Business Solutions.

HealthCare Cloud‘s customers have benefited from the unique and innovative solutions it offers to Australian Medical Practices.

BOD Australia

BOD Australiais a CBD and Hemp healthcare company. 

By leading the way in research and development, the mission of BOD Australiais to innovate and transform the way we live and enjoy life through the delivery of premium, proven and trusted global products for consumers and healthcare professionals. 

Inspired from its work in research, clinical trials and partnerships, BOD Australia is expanding its suite of pharmaceutical-grade, medicinal cannabis for distribution in Australia with new markets now being opened worldwide. 


Medibis is an Australian owned and operated innovator of phyto-compound technologies.   Its focus is to improve quality of life using cannabinoid-based medicines. Utilising a variety of scientifically verified compounds, to develop high quality products, it provides efficacious results for clinicians and better outcomes for patients. 

Medibis provides education, support and a comprehensive training program bringing together years of expertise backed by clinical support to improve prescribing knowledge in this relatively new arena.   

Medibis is revolutionising healthcare, one patient at a time. 


Austranna is a fully licensed Australian-owned cultivator and manufacturer of plant-based medicines.   

Austranna’s mission is to change the face of healthcare by delivering medicines that empower those in need with safe access to premium quality medical grade products. 

Austranna partners with major compounding pharmacies across Australia to ensure reliable supplies of high quality medical grade compounding ingredients at affordable prices.

Green Farmers is a B2B technology enabled medicinal grade cultivator focused on medicinal cannabis supplying Australia’s leading brands with high quality flower.   

With 4,000 sqm protected cropping facility Green Farmers delivers quality, consistency, and surety of supply cultivating either their customers genetics or providing their own range – enabling Australian brands to focus on the patient with locally grown medicinal cannabis.

Astrid is proud to be one of Australia’s leading plant-based medicines dispensaries, making waves as an industry leader within Australia’s emerging plant-based medicines space.

Astrid’s commitment to providing exceptional patient care by focusing on education, support and transparency resulted in recognition as Australian Dispensary of the Year in 2021.

Sophisticated, modern and transformative – Astrid provides access to, and education of, plant medicines.

iX Syrinx is an expanding global company that is dedicated to improving health outcomes for its clients.

iX Syrinx is a fully integrated business providing end-to-end product development and manufacturing services for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products.

iX Syrinx‘s scientists combine formulation know-how and oral, topical or sublingual delivery technologies to create unique and innovative solutions for pharmaceutical use and consumer health.

Scitek is the only ANZ based specialist cannabis manufacturing equipment supplier. 

Its focus is on providing honest instrument selection advice, combined with benchmark service. 

Scitek exclusively represents top brands, which have been picked for outstanding product features and demonstrated product quality.

Unlike the vast majority of laboratory instrumentation providers, the team at Scitek has more service engineers and application scientists than salespeople. 

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Holmes Wilson is a specialist consultancy dedicated to assisting the medicinal cannabis and allied industries to navigate the Australian pharmaceutical environment and regulatory standards of development, registration, communication and supply. 

As industries for emerging therapies mature, evolving medical and regulatory environments become increasingly complex. Previously uncharted territory presents a challenge for patients, health professionals, suppliers, regulatory bodies and related industries.

Based in regional Australia, Medical Cannabis Australia Pty Ltd is a family owned and operated cultivator, manufacturer and exporter of medical cannabis plants and products. 

Using eco-friendly, off-grid power solutions, MCA‘s facility produces cost-effective, superior quality, medical grade cannabis for wholesale distribution across Australia and the world. 

MCA‘s products are cultivated to meet strict Australian and European GACP and GMP conditions.

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MedTEC Pharma was founded to lead the medicinal cannabis industry on a path to delivering an evidence-based medicine; trusted by health professionals and accessible by those needing relief from chronic conditions.

MedTEC Pharma is committed to delivering world-leading, bred-for-purpose medicinal cannabis. Its pathway to this objective includes partnerships with some of the leading research institutions in Australia and the world.

Founded in 2017, Oz Medicann Group (OMG) is a licensed medicinal cannabis healthcare company with a core focus on improving patient access to medicinal cannabis and health outcomes for consumers. 

OMG aims to build Australia’s largest medicinal cannabis, education and hemp consumables companies and to expand its core medical solutions through research and development with university partners, acquisitions and imports.  

A specialist supplier of consumables and reagents for research and analysis in the health, chemical, physical and biological sciences. Our specialities include stable isotope compounds and solvents, certified reference materials, pharmaceutical and forensic standards.


Our philosophy is the dignified alleviation of suffering with compassion & empathy according to ‘Dan’s Test’.

Our primary mission is advocating for patient access to Full Spectrum herbal Medicinal Cannabis extracts and dried herb Cannabis
in a manner which is safe, effective, affordable, equitable and favorable for patients, for the dignified relief of suffering.

The purpose of the Alliance is to represent businesses and organisations involved in industrial hemp and associated products at a national level, in order to develop and grow the Australian industry. There are also various Industrial Hemp Associations in a number of States in Australia, some of which are members of the AIHA.


Medicinal Harvest

The Australian Medicinal Cannabis Association (AMCA) is a group of pioneers, ambassadors and stakeholders from the breadth of the medicinal cannabis sector working together to improve patient access.

AMCA provides the framework and support for the association to assist committed individuals and organisations to steer the industry in a positive direction. We believe it is essential to have a broad mix of members with a wide skill set to meet the evolving needs of the medicinal cannabis industry.

AMCA members include patients, healthcare practitioners, clinics, researchers, medicinal cannabis cultivators and manufacturers, professional service providers (legal, financial, IT, consultants), and allied service providers (e.g. manufacturing equipment suppliers, testing laboratories).


We’re delighted to welcome you to AMCA, a registered not-for-profit charity formed to serve the interests of a broad variety of organisations and individuals across the Australian medicinal cannabis sector. 

Please join us and help us to improve the sector for everyone.

Gail Wiseman | General Manager